What is Sauna Ocarina?

Sauna Ocarinas' ocarinas are handmade by Toni Patanen (also knows as Pupsi) in Helsinki and are practically the only Finnish ocarinas in the world.
Sauna Ocarina is the manifestation of my love for clay, music, and life. The nature of human curiosity and the desire to explore and live freely pursuing what one really want has brought Sauna Ocarina to being.

What do I really want? To enjoy life of course and share positivity. Besides the obvious, I want to make really good ocarinas, music, insane ceramics and envelop myself in business. Not saying that I'm a master at any of them but it's definitely what I strive for.

I first got introduced to ocarinas trough the making of them during a ceramics course in high school. Because of my long music background and interest in clay since childhood I was instantly obsessed with the ocarina. I started making them just because I wanted a good self-made ocarina to play. Not long after I noticed others wanted them too.

What does sauna have to do with any of this? Not much really.
I love sauna, I love ocarinas ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sauna Ocarina.

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